Ranbir Kapoor Is Alia Bhatt’s sixth Boyfriend, Know Who Was Her First Boyfriend

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Ranbir Kapoor Is Alia Bhatt’s sixth Boyfriend, Know Who Was Her First Boyfriend

Age 25 and dated 6 sweethearts up until this point, yes we are discussing Alia Bhatt. One of the most generously compensated on-screen characters in the Bollywood. She generally remains in the spotlight for different reasons including beaus, films, parties, closet glitches, senseless proclamations and so on.

Today we will discuss her adoration life and the beaus she has dated yet. As of now, she is dating the Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir is 11 years more seasoned than her and as per the reports, he is the sixth man in her life. So who were others whom Alia has dated before? Look at the names underneath:

5) Kavin Mittal

Kavin is the child of well known Indian representative Sunil Mittal. Prior there was a buzz that Alia and Kavin were dating one another. They met in a class and began dating however then broke abruptly.

4) Sidharth Malhotra

This is was Alia’s highly talked undertaking. The two have worked in two movies up until now. According to the reports, because of the closeness among Sidharth and Jaqueline, Alia chose to said a final farewell to Sid.

3) Varun Dhawan

There was additionally a buzz that Varun was dating Alia when the two just began their vocation. They have completed 3 films together and chipping away at two more pictures that are under making. Yet, at that point Varun returned to his youth sweetheart Natasha Dalal and the two separated their ways.

2) Ali Dadarkar

Ali is definitely not a well known name obviously, a rich one that is the reason Alia dated him in reality. Alia and Ali were cohorts in school. He was Alia’s second beau.

1) Ramesh Dubey

Alia’s first love was Ramesh Dubey. He was likewise Alia’s cohort in school. They contemplated together till sixth standard. Be that as it may, Ramesh’s photograph isn’t accessible on the web.